DubLi Becomes Sponsor for Cloverdale Baptist Church Fundraiser

The Cloverdale Baptist Church just received news that they landed their first large corporate sponsor – DubLi.

They’re a huge MLM and the company has been doing big things in recent years.

What is DubLi?

Everywhere I look, I see DubLi, Tony Rush or some variant of Team Wukar. Frankly, those pesky affiliates are starting to annoying the hell out of me.

(I think WUKAR is sounds more like the noise a monkey would make if you dipped it in hot water. Seriously, couldn’t you have come up with a better name?)

Look. DubLi might have the best products and the best comp plan in the world: I don’t know and frankly I don’t care.

It’s the business opportunity side of things I’ll always have a problem with.

I’ll always have a bone to pick with network marketing, affiliate marketing coaching, and the many other ‘deals’ on the marketplace. I believe the business model is fundamentally flawed and full of deceit.

How can it not be? When there’s money involved, biases show themselves.

Between the 2 hour sales pitches disguised as Google Hangouts, the ridiculously high 99%+ failure rate, the moral dilemma from knowing damn well I couldn’t help a single person succeed, the cult-like culture and the products selling for questionably inflated price points to justify those high commissions they kept paying out, I couldn’t deal any longer.

And so I left. Came out the other end $30k richer with Empower Network – but boy was it soul destroying stuff.

So unlike most of the reviews you’ll have already read on the company, I’d thought I’d do a different spin on things instead.

You should already know the pros and cons of the company by now, so I won’t beat that dead horse, telling you it’s a bad industry to be in.

Instead, I’d like to address the biggest issue I have with the many hopeless romantics looking to join the MLM industry – a lack of value.

Unlike buying a cup of coffee from Starbucks or that new flat screen TV from Best Buy, there’s no clear exchange of value here.

Those vitamins or health juice or internet marketing courses you’re trying to sell for inflated prices only work because of the business opportunity side of things. How else are they going to pay their affiliates those commissions?

And that, I think is a fundamental flaw behind almost every opportunity. Which is why you’ll see companies achieve Miley Cyrus trending status for a few months, and slowly die a slow death after, like Simple Plan.

What the hell even happened to Simple Plan anyway?

Be honest. Stand alone, you would never have bought that MLM company’s products.

Wanna know how you’ll ever make any money online? Provide undeniable value.

There are a million and one ways to riches, all of which are incredibly viable.

Sing cover songs on Youtube. Invent an app. Formulate a natural testosterone booster. Sell your own products. Sell your own services. Whatever.

But the one constant that will never change, is that you need to provide immense value to the people who are paying you money.

The YouTube singer who makes thousands of dollars a month singing? People want to listen to her.

The dude who invented that cool app, worth millions? Value add. Just ask Snapchat and Tinder.

The GoPro guy? Yeap. Money.

That web developer? He’s helping other people build their web presence on the internet. That’s something people would pay for.

If you’re currently involved in an MLM, I urge you to list down your value proposition. Most people can’t.

“I persuade other people to buy products I probably don’t even use myself to sell them the opportunity to make money, despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them in MLM,”

Versus something like this:

“I bring local business owners an additional 200 leads per month, which resulted in them closing an extra $10k in sales,”

Obviously biased examples, but you get the idea.

Hey, I’m not just talking out of my ass here.

Read any business or economics textbook: if you don’t provide value, you don’t have a sustainable business.

(I highly recommend everybody read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Phenomenal read for entrepreneurs with zero business experience. Not an affiliate link.)

Wanna get to $10k per month? You need to be worth $10k a month. Somehow.

Affiliate marketers and MLM junkies? Guess what. Nobody needs you. 

Sadly, people are going to be buying the same shit, regardless of whether you are there to sell it to them or not. If you add no value to the transaction what so ever, you’re an unneeded accessory.

Harsh, yet true on so many levels.

I’d dare you to ask yourself if you’ve ever joined a business without the sole intention of chasing checks.

And then when things started to go sour, what did you do? Jump to the ‘next big thing’, didn’t ya?

Much like how it didn’t take Tony Rush too long before jumping to DubLi – dragging his entire downline with him – after seeing the writing on the wall with Empower Network, didn’t he?

I don’t have the facts, but I’d bet he did the same before joining Empower Network.

Now to be absolutely clear, this is not a DubLi, Tony Rush and WUKAR bashing ceremony.

He seems like a wonderful guy and a great salesman. If I were in Mr. Rush’s shoes, and I saw my income declining in one company, I’d be finding ways to jump to the next one too.

Most people would have done the same in that situation.

So to recap: you need to provide value to make money.

You might end up making some decent coin from DubLi – I have no idea.

If you can find a way to somehow differentiate yourself from the thousands of active affiliates, you’ll make money. Kudos to you.

But take it from someone who has been there, done that: it’s incredibly difficult. It took a lot of work to get MLM Fastlane to where it is today.

I left the MLM industry about a year ago now, and I’ve never been happier.

I’m worth $10k a month, because I’m directly responsible for bringing in $100,000 in combined revenue to various local business owners. It’s not a stretch to get them to pay me that kind of money if I bring in sufficient value.

It’s a legitimate business not built on sand and hot air, that solves a real problem faced by the millions of small business owners out there in the industry – getting more customers.

It’s also something I don’t have a moral problem promoting to other people.

There you have it. DubLi, revealed….whoops.

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