Improve your health and spirituality with natural elements of the earth

When it comes to keeping it natural, what better health supplement than one that comes right from the dirt that God gave us? Diatomaceous earth, also known as D.E. occurs naturally on earth as siliceous sedimentary rock. It is a soft whitish powder that is highly porous and crumbles easily. Since the porosity of this powder is high, its density is very low. It is named thus because it contains remains of diatoms that have been fossilized. These are hard-shelled algae that are present naturally in the soil. One of the many uses of this substance is its power of filtration that does not only work great as a filtration aid, but also helps in cleansing a human body. But is it safe to use? What are the benefits and does science prove their accuracy? Here are all the answers.

Best Source of Silica

According the to Diatomaceous Organization, D.E. is composed of 85% silica. This means that consuming it regularly fulfills the supplies of silica needed by the body. Why does the body need silica in the first place? Because it contains all the minerals required for the formation and repair of muscles, bones, cartilage, tendons and blood vessels! What is even more important is that silica benefits all major organs in the body like the liver, lungs, and heart. Hence, with the consumption of diatomaceous earth humans can easily insure good health and better life quality.