Improve your health and spirituality with natural elements of the earth

When it comes to keeping it natural, what better health supplement than one that comes right from the dirt that God gave us? Diatomaceous earth, also known as D.E. occurs naturally on earth as siliceous sedimentary rock. It is a soft whitish powder that is highly porous and crumbles easily. Since the porosity of this powder is high, its density is very low. It is named thus because it contains remains of diatoms that have been fossilized. These are hard-shelled algae that are present naturally in the soil. One of the many uses of this substance is its power of filtration that does not only work great as a filtration aid, but also helps in cleansing a human body. But is it safe to use? What are the benefits and does science prove their accuracy? Here are all the answers.

Best Source of Silica

According the to Diatomaceous Organization, D.E. is composed of 85% silica. This means that consuming it regularly fulfills the supplies of silica needed by the body. Why does the body need silica in the first place? Because it contains all the minerals required for the formation and repair of muscles, bones, cartilage, tendons and blood vessels! What is even more important is that silica benefits all major organs in the body like the liver, lungs, and heart. Hence, with the consumption of diatomaceous earth humans can easily insure good health and better life quality.

A Healthy Heart

According to many studies conducted over the years, food-grade diatomaceous earth is said to help heart health and decrease cholesterol levels in the body. This is because the composition of diatomaceous earth is based on healthy nutrients like calcium, magnesium, silicon, sodium, iron and many other kinds of trace minerals. This means that all these healthy elements help in keeping the heart strong and powerful. What’s more, this earth also helps in repairing muscles and bones and giving rise to better growth of cells.

Healthy Skin Condition

Skin is another aspect of the body that benefits from the use of diatomaceous earth. This is the reason why it is added to many skin care products and health care products, because it is such a strong abrasive and cleanser. The rough yet soft texture of the sand allows for great exfoliation by removing dead skin cells and removing traces of any kind of pollution from the face and body.

It also helps in controlling the sagging or wrinkling of the skin by keeping the connective tissues healthy and strong. When enough silica is provided, skin remains healthier than when silica is absent from the body. But these are not the only reasons why it should be made a part of daily use. Diatomaceous earth is also great for teeth, nails and hair. It is also used in many toothpastes, facial scrubs, and other cleaning products of the body.

Reduces Cholesterol

Study conducted on patients with higher cholesterol than normal who were fed diatomaceous earth in various doses showed that it worked in reducing cholesterol significantly. What’s even more important to note is that even after the intake of the earth was stopped the cholesterol of all the test subjects remained low. This means that diatomaceous earth is positively able to influence the lipid metabolisms. Even though more research is needed to confirm these findings, researchers are still hopeful about how diatomaceous earth can be used to not only reduce blood cholesterol but also get over conditions that arise because of it like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes etc.

Intrinsic Cleanser of the Body

This is another added benefit of using diatomaceous earth. Since it has strong abrasive properties, it can clean up problems like intestinal invaders and infections that are caused by bacteria. What’s more, it can even help in removing any kind of toxic metals from the body. There are studies that show when this siliceous earth is taken by other animals, it cleans up all kinds of harmful organisms from their body by flushing them out. Also, if food-grade diatomaceous earth is mixed with the feed of livestock then fleas and other kinds of harmful bugs do not enter it and it does not become contaminated.

Removes Toxins

Research also shows that all kinds of heavy metals and toxins are removed from the body when diatomaceous earth is consumed. Metals like lead, mercury, pesticide residues and other kinds of metals that may be harmful for the body pass through without causing any kind of damage. But this is not where the benefits end. Research shows that the fossilized exoskeletons in the digestive tract are very sharp-ended and even though they cause no harm to the human digestive system, they do physically kill the parasite by attacking them. This is the reason why it is suggested that diatomaceous earth be used as a detox cleansing agent. This way, immune system will be strengthened and will provide all the nutrients needed by the body.

Water Filtration

As mentioned before, diatomaceous earth is full to the brim with minerals that are amazing for health. Since it is also porous and low density element, it is great for the process of water filtration. As the problem of contaminated water increases with each passing day, it has led to worries about the process that are not only healthy but also easily accessible. The best thing about diatomaceous earth is that it is available in abundance in different parts of the world, which makes it an expensive item for use in water filtration. This siliceous earth not only removes impurities but also heavy metals from the water, making it completely safe for consumption.


The above discussion clearly shows that if diatomaceous earth is not already a part of your diet then it must now. Its benefits are numerous and apparently has no side effects. The best part is that it is not only great for the body in terms of cleansing it, but also provides all the trace minerals needed for proper functioning and healthy working of the human body. Additionally, diatomaceous earth also helps in removing impurities and contaminants from water.


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